Mass attendance is still at 75% capacity. All attendees must wear a mask covering nose and mouth and maintain 3 feet apart from others, unless it is a family of the same household.

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Welcome to St. Henry's Catholic Church!



We are open for Mass Celebration but only at 75% capacity!

Archdiocese of San Antonio Precautions for Returning to Mass

Guidelines for Mass Attendees

As we prepare to return to public celebration of Mass, here are some guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of our local Church.

1. If you are feeling ill, stay safe at home. We highly  encourage those who are vulnerable and people with underlying medical conditions continue  to participate in Mass via Parish live stream: Mass from San Fernando Cathedral will continue to be broadcast on CTSA on Spectrum Channel 15, Roku,  Amazon Fire, Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo.  Find details here:

2. Wash hands thoroughly before coming to the Church.

3. Wear a face mask before entering the Church and throughout the Mass.

4. Bring hand sanitizer, your own missal or other Mass aids.

5. Always maintain 3 feet between you and others.

6. Follow the instructions of the ushers as you enter and leave the Church.

Communion. Persons should come forward in a single communion line in the aisle designated at three-foot intervals. Masks should be worn in the communion line and then lowered while in line before approaching the Communion Minister. After communion the mask should be raised immediately. Communion will be received in the hand only.

Sanitation. All parishes will be sanitizing pews, entrances, restrooms, and all other facilities used regularly.

Attendance Capacity. Because seating is limited due to social distancing, you may be asked to attend at another time or view Mass by live streaming.

More details can be found on our website:


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TIME/DATE: 5:00pm-8:15pm and 8:30pm-10:30pm every

Tuesday; Saturday 4:30pm-8:30pm

LOCATION: Marbach Bingo    7014 Marbach Rd. SATX 78227.

All Covid 19 Pandemic Precautions are being taken at the Bingo Hall!!

A Message from Fr. Bob

SOLEMNITY OF THE ASCENSION OF THE LORD:  The Authority of Jesus and Holy Spirit Power.

     From Ascension Thursday until Pentecost the Church has 9 days of prayer (novena) to prepare for the Holy Spirit.  Jesus told his disciples that they should prepare for the coming of the Holy Spirit with united prayer.  Our readings focus on the gifts, signs, manifestations that the Holy Spirit brings to equip us to be witnesses to Jesus as we proclaim the Good News of Jesus.  We should pray for these gifts and signs to work in us and through us, so that the Holy Spirit can manifest God’s presence in a way that touches people’s minds and hearts.

     We are told that the Holy Spirit will “come upon us,” and we “will receive power.”  We sense the presence of God, a release of fear and new courage.  We become proclaimers of the Gospel and witnesses to Jesus.  When we do this the Holy Spirit “confirms the word with accompanying signs.”  These signs include:  1) Driving our demons; 2) Speaking in other languages (gift of tongues); and 3) Laying hands on the sick who recover.

     The Holy Spirit also equips the followers of Jesus with gifts “for the work of ministry, for the building up of the body of Christ.”  These gifts of the Spirit include:  1) Apostles (bishops and priests); 2) Prophets (receive inspired messages), 3) Evangelists (the gift of proclaiming Jesus and bringing others to Christ), 4) Pastors (leadership to help a community grow and stay united), and 5) Teachers (gift of helping others to understand the faith; adults and children).  The Holy Spirit uses these gifts and ministries to unite us in the Church, and to help us to grow into “maturity” and the “full stature of Christ.”  Holy Spirit, continue to manifest your presence in our lives in a powerful way!

Mensaje del Pastor

SOLEMNIDAD DE LA ASCENSIÓN DEL SEÑOR: La Autoridad de Jesús y el Poder del Espíritu Santo.

     Desde el jueves de la Ascensión hasta Pentecostés, la Iglesia tiene 9 días de oración (novena) para prepararse para el Espíritu Santo. Jesús les dijo a sus discípulos que debían prepararse para la venida del Espíritu Santo con oración unida. Nuestras lecturas se enfocan en los dones, señales y manifestaciones que el Espíritu Santo trae para equiparnos para ser testigos de Jesús mientras proclamamos las Buenas Nuevas de Jesús. Debemos orar para que estos dones y señales trabajen en nosotros y a través de nosotros, para que el Espíritu Santo pueda manifestar la presencia de Dios de una manera que toque la mente y el corazón de las personas.

     Se nos dice que el Espíritu Santo "vendrá sobre nosotros" y "recibiremos poder". Sentimos la presencia de Dios, una liberación de miedo y un nuevo coraje. Nos convertimos en proclamadores del Evangelio y testigos de Jesús. Cuando hacemos esto, el Espíritu Santo "confirma la palabra con las señales que la acompañan". Estos signos incluyen: 1) Conducir nuestros demonios; 2) Hablar en otros idiomas (don de lenguas); y 3) Imposición de manos sobre los enfermos que se recuperan.

     El Espíritu Santo también equipa a los seguidores de Jesús con dones "para la obra del ministerio, para la edificación del cuerpo de Cristo". Estos dones del Espíritu incluyen: 1) Apóstoles (obispos y sacerdotes); 2) Profetas (reciben mensajes inspirados),

3) Evangelistas (el don de proclamar a Jesús y traer a otros a Cristo), 4) Pastores (liderazgo para ayudar a una comunidad a crecer y permanecer unida) y 5) Maestros (don de ayudar a otros entender la fe; adultos y niños). El Espíritu Santo usa estos dones y ministerios para unirnos en la Iglesia y ayudarnos a crecer hacia la "madurez" y la "plena estatura de Cristo". ¡Espíritu Santo, continúa manifestando tu presencia en nuestras vidas de una manera poderosa!


Monday - 8:30am-Mass at St. Philip of Jesus Chapel

Tuesday - 10:30am Mass at the Chapel in the Catholic Center for Charismatic Renewal 

Wednesday - 8:00am Mass at St. Henry Chapel

Thursday - 8:00am Mass at St. Henry Chapel

Friday - 11:00am Mass at St. Henry Church

Saturday - 4:30pm English

Sunday - 8:30am Spanish          11am English


Holy Hour/ Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament every First Friday at 7pm

Holy Days of Obligation - T.B.A.

Sacrament of Reconciliation every Saturday from 3-4pm



We are a welcoming Catholic community called by God to live out the message of Christ in love and service to all people. 



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