Mass attendance is still at 100% capacity.
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Welcome to St. Henry Catholic Church!



We are open for Mass Celebration at 100% capacity!

Archdiocese of San Antonio Precautions for Returning to Mass

Guidelines for Mass Attendees

As we prepare to return to public celebration of Mass, here are some guidelines to ensure the safety and well-being of our local Church.

1. If you are feeling ill, stay safe at home. We highly  encourage those who are vulnerable and people with underlying medical conditions continue  to participate in Mass via Parish live stream: Mass from San Fernando Cathedral will continue to be broadcast on CTSA on Spectrum Channel 15, Roku,  Amazon Fire, Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo.  Find details here:

2. Wash hands thoroughly before coming to the Church.

3. The use of masks or face coverings is not required for those who are fully vaccinated. We highly encourge those who are not vaccinated to wear masks or face coverings. 

4. Social distancing is encouraged if possible, but not required.

5. Holy Communion on the tongue is once again permitted.

6. Follow the instructions of the ushers as you enter and leave the Church.

More details can be found on our website:



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TIME/DATE: 5:00pm-8:15pm and 8:30pm-10:30pm every

Tuesday; Saturday 4:30pm-8:30pm

LOCATION: Marbach Bingo    7014 Marbach Rd. SATX 78227.

All Covid 19 Pandemic Precautions are being taken at the Bingo Hall!!




A Message from Father Bob

SECOND SUNDAY OF ADVENT:  John the Baptist and the Messiah (Anointed One).

     This week’s readings focus on John the Baptist preparing people for the coming of the Messiah, and proclaiming the Messiah who would bring the Holy Spirit to His followers.  John baptized people in the Jordon River as they repented, and acknowledged their sins.  By humbly admitting their sins their hearts were being prepared to receive the coming Messiah.  The word “Christ” is the Greek translation of the Hebrew word “Messiah,” which means “Anointed One,” the one who has the full anointing of the Holy Spirit.  The Prophet Isaiah described the coming Messiah: “The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him:  a Spirit of wisdom, understanding, counsel, strength, knowledge and the fear of the Lord…not by appearance shall he judge, nor by hearsay shall he decide…he will judge with justice.”  He will reconcile enemies:  wolf and lamb, leopard and goat, lion and calf, bear and cow.  They will “browse together with a little child to guide them.”

     John proclaimed that “the one coming after me is mightier than I.  He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire.”  All who are baptized have the Holy Spirit in them, but we need to personally ask Jesus, the Messiah, to make the Holy Spirit more alive in us; to stir up the presence of the Holy Spirit in us.  We need to repent that we have not always put Jesus first in our lives, and then ask Jesus to baptize you with the Holy Spirit so you can grow in wisdom, understanding, counsel, strength, and be able to help people to reconcile and live in peace with one another.  Jesus at Christmas time is both the “little child” who will guide us, and the mighty Messiah who makes the powerful Holy Spirit come alive in us.  Come Jesus, our Messiah, and fill us more fully with the Holy Spirit!

 Mensaje de Padre Bob

SEGUNDO DOMINGO DE ADVIENTO: Juan Bautista y el Mesías (Ungido).

     Las lecturas de esta semana se centran en Juan el Bautista preparando a las personas para la venida del Mesías y proclamando al Mesías que traería el Espíritu Santo a sus seguidores. Juan bautizó a las personas en el río Jordán cuando se arrepintieron y reconocieron sus pecados. Al admitir humildemente sus pecados, sus corazones estaban siendo preparados para recibir al Mesías venidero. La palabra “Cristo” es la traducción griega de la palabra hebrea “Mesías”, que significa “Ungido”, el que tiene la unción plena del Espíritu Santo. El profeta Isaías describió al Mesías venidero: “El Espíritu del Señor reposará sobre él: Espíritu de sabiduría, de entendimiento, de consejo, de fuerza, de conocimiento y de temor del Señor... no juzgará por las apariencias, ni de rumores decidirá .… él juzgará con justicia.” Él reconciliará a los enemigos: lobo y cordero, leopardo y cabra, león y ternero, oso y vaca. Ellos “navegarán juntos con un niño pequeño para guiarlos”.

     Juan proclamó que “el que viene después de mí es más poderoso que yo. Él los bautizará en el Espíritu Santo y fuego”. Todos los bautizados tienen el Espíritu Santo en ellos, pero necesitamos pedir personalmente a Jesús, el Mesías, que haga más vivo el Espíritu Santo en nosotros; para remover la presencia del Espíritu Santo en nosotros. Necesitamos arrepentirnos de que no siempre hemos puesto a Jesús primero en nuestras vidas, y luego pedirle a Jesús que los bautice con el Espíritu Santo para que puedan crecer en sabiduría, entendimiento, consejo, fortaleza y poder ayudar a las personas a reconciliarse y vivir en paz unos con otros. Jesús en el tiempo de Navidad es a la vez el “niño pequeño” que nos guiará, y el Mesías poderoso que hace que el poderoso Espíritu Santo cobre vida en nosotros. ¡Ven Jesús, nuestro Mesías, y llénanos más plenamente del Espíritu Santo!



Monday - 8:30am-Mass at St. Philip of Jesus Chapel 


Tuesday - 10:30am Mass at the Chapel in the Catholic Center for Charismatic Renewal 

Martes Segundo y Cuarto de cada Semana del mes (y si hay quinta) - 6:30pm Grupo de Oracion


Wednesday - 8:00am Mass at St. Henry Chapel


Thursday - 8:00am Mass at St. Henry Chapel


Friday - 11:00am Mass at St. Henry Church


Saturday - 4:30pm English


Sunday - 8:30am Spanish          11am English 


First Friday Adoration at 7:00pm in Church


Holy Days of Obligation - T.B.A.


Sacrament of Reconciliation every Saturday from 3-4pm or by appointment.




We are a welcoming Catholic community called by God to live out the message of Christ in love and service to all people. 


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